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Rack and Pinion Actuators



Design : Balanced Dual Rack and Pinion for Compactness and Simplicity

Sizes : 16 sizes to Choose From to Best Fit the Application

Maintenance : Inherently Maintenance Free

Pinion : Nickel Alloy Steel or Stainless Steel, Machined 360 Degree for Long Cycle Life

Travel Stops : Located On the End Caps or Upper Pinion, Single at 90 Degrees, or Dual at 0 and 90 Degrees

Piston Guides and Rings : Delrin

Seals Working Temperature : Buna Seals -10F to 195F, Viton Seals +5 to 300F or Silicone Seals -31 to 200F

Working Pressure : 20 - 150 Psig

End Cap : Die Cast , 2 - Part Polyester Epoxy Coated and Will Accept Up To 12 Springs For Fail - Closed or Fail - Open Operation

Body : Standard Extruded Aluminum Hard Anodized and Epoxy Coated, or Nickel Plated, 304SS and 316SS

Top Works : Namur Mount

Bottom Works : ISO 5211

Solenoid Mounting : Namur

Private Label Valves Available

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RPA Single Travel Stop, Stainless Steel Catalog

RPB Single Travel Stop Catalog

RPC Dual Travel Stop Catalog



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