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Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves



Sizes: 3.0 through 24.0

Styles: Triple Eccentric, Wafer, Lug, Gate Valve Face to Face

Bodies : Cast Carbon Steel, 304SS or 316SS with Integral Disc Stop

Body : Coatings: Two Part Polyester Epoxy on Carbon Steel Valves

Discs : Carbon Steel, 304SS, 316SS

Retaining Ring: Boltless Design

Seats: Solid Elliptical Shaped Floating Inside the Disc Profile, Changes Shape with Increase Temperature, 360 Degree Continuous Line Contact, Class IV and Class V Continuous Shutoff with No Seat Washout, Torque Seated, Temperatures to 1100 F

***Now with Graphite Laminated Seats for Class 6 Bubble Tight Shutoff***

Stems: 17-4 Ph (Gr 630), XM19

Bearings: PTFE+316SS

Packing: PTFE, PTFE+15% Graphite

Options: Cast Stainless Steel Heat Dissapating Fins, Stem Extensions

Working Pressures: ANSI 150, ANSI 300, ANSI 600

Top Works: Pad and Stem ISO 5211

Certifications: API-609, API-598, MSS SP-61

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